Polars Invited to Nike Vikings 11-On Competition

The North Football team will be apart of a select group of teams that will participate in the 1st annual Vikings Nike 11-On Event at the new TCO Training facility. Winning teams will receive up to $2500 for the football program.

Polar Football Unveils New Home Uniform

Home games will have a new look as North players will be showcasing upgraded home uniforms for 2019. Nike is outfitting players with Vapor Pro custom jerseys and pants.

North Adds to Coaching Staff

North has shuffled their coaching staff while adding some new coaches including a former Gopher to coach the d-line and a new running back coach from Bethel.

Old Rivalries Renewed for 2019

The saying everything old is new again couldn’t be more true for the 2019 North football schedule. After two years in the Suburban Blue sub-district, the Polars return to the more familiar Suburban Grey sub-district.